In recent years, the Network has published catalogs, brochures and manuals aimed at disseminating knowledge and promoting the cork sector. To do this, it has had the collaboration of technological and research institutes, experts in botany and forest management, universities, educators, experts in tourism development and many more entities linked to the sector.

In the following links you can download the electronic version:

Catalog Cork, source of life
Catalog Cork Landscape. Mediterranean. Miscellaneous. (spanish)
Catalog Beyond the cork stopper (spanish)
Story The strange case of the mysterious cork forest (spanish)
Presentation dossier of RETECORK
Dossier Discovering the corklands
Brochure Discovering the corklands
Brochure Cork towns (spanish)
Manual Always wine with real cork stopper (spanish)
Manual RECICORK, natural recycling (spanish)
Manual Creation of tourism product in cork-producing territory (spanish)
CorkLab publication